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The history of the OOO "M-Bunker" dates from 2009, when the merchant began the construction of fuel depots in the southern part of moscow region. Later, the engineer Nobel expanded the territory, continued the construction of the tank farm and residential buildings.


OOO "M-Bunker"


Tank farm M "BUNKER"

The history of the OOO "M-Bunker" dates from 2009, when the merchant began the construction of fuel depots in the southern part of Moscow Region. Later, the engineer Nobel expanded the territory, continued the construction of the tank farm and residential buildings.

2010: 46 above ground storage tanks with a capacity from 30 up to 5000 cubic meters..

Primorsk Oil Terminal is the largest stevedoring company in the North-West of Russian ... crude oil supplied through Baltic piping system (BTS) via Primorsk port. The Commercial Sea Port of Primorsk is our Major area of Operation and Provision of Logistics Service for Storage and Transhipment of Crude Oil and Diesel Gas Oil..

Ust Luga Port is one of our major oil terminal of operation for provision of Logistic Service and Storage. The multi Purpose modern Facility in the ports which allows for intakes of crude and Crude oil Petroleum products from the railway tank cars and seagoing vessel tankers. Ust Luga Port Terminal is the end point of BPS-2.

Ust Luga Port terminal is the end point of the second turn of the Baltic pipeline system (BPS-2), full-time job which will allow Russian oil companies to improve logistics flows and to reduce transaction costs of transporting oil exported to Europe.

The main customers of the terminal are companies such as: OJSC "Surgutneftegas", JSC "NK "Rosneft", OJSC "Gazprom Neft", OJSC "TNK-BP holding", JSC ANK "Bashneft", JSC "KazTransOil", JSC "NK "RussNeft", OJSC "Tatneft" im. V. D. Shashina, private limited liability company "shell trading rush Bi VI", JSC "LUKOIL-Chernomorye".

M-Bunker rendered General Logistics and Storage Services to its Customers in the Port of Nakhodka which has a modern telecommunications system and can provide communication services and any information, should customers require it. The Port has bunkering boats, oil & garbage collecting boats, bilge collecting boats, which help the visiting vessels to receive fuel and water as well as discharge their bilges and waste. Berths are assigned to five stevedoring complexes, each of them responsible for certain varieties of cargo. Berths 1-4 handles export-import general cargoes, servicing the Nakhodka-Japan line. It has a grain/bulk terminal, equipped with a Hitachi pneumatic chute which can process up to 270 tons per hour. Berths 9, 10 handles bulk cargoes: coal, ferrochrome, ferroslags. Berths 25-27 handles round logs for export. Berths 28-32 handles export goods: a variety of ferrous metals articles (steel slabs, steel in rolls, cast iron, cast steel), timber, cardboard, paper, pulp, chemicals.




We Provide Logistic Services in the Commercial Sea port of Vladivostok and performs their storage and shipments to domestic and foreign customers, as well as provides bunkers to the ships in the ports of Vanino, Sovetskaya Gavan1 and other ports of Khabarovsk region.

Tuapse Oil Terminal is one of the major Oil Terminal in the Black sea region in which Our Logistics Service Company Provide Storage Service and Transshipment of Crude Oil and Crude Oil Petroleum Products.

Tuapse Oil Terminal is an oil import-export terminal located 8 km (5.0 mi) offshore the Port of Tuapse in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. It is one of the biggest oil terminals in the Black Sea that serves as a hub for crude oil deliveries to the Black Sea market.

The commercial sea port of Tuapse is situated on the Caucasus coast of the Black Sea at the Tuapse bay vertex, south-east from the rocky point of Kadosh. The port water area is confined by mouths of Tuapse and Pauk rivers up to the isobath of 40 m. There is an approach channel 400 m long, 120 m wide and 13.5 m deep up to the port water area.

Our Logistics Service Company utilizes its storage facilities in Europoort Tank Terminal, and Storage facility of third party which are located at; Vopak Tank Terminal, Botlek, Uniport Multipurpose Terminals, United Waalhaven Terminals, for the provision of reception, storage and distribution of crude oil and Petroleum oil products of all grades under Sub-Leased to our clients in Rotterdam Netherland.


Of OOO "M-Bunker"


Storage of Oil Products

OOO "M-Bunker" Provide the Services of Storage of Oil and Petreleum Porudcts.


Cargo Handling in Port

Reception of oil products by Pipeline or railway transport or from Vessel Tankers.


Distribution of oil products

Distribution of oil products is carried out in road and rail tank cars and Vessel Tankers.


OOO "M-Bunker"



OOO "M-Bunker" facilities, in Saint Petersburg port region with a dedicated berth, of a Total Capacity of 145 400 m3.



OOO "M-Bunker", oil handling terminal in the port of Novorossiysk is serving the vessels on the Black Sea region. The terminal consists of three oil handling sites with the total storage capacity of 108 600 m3.



OOO "M-Bunker", started its operation in the port of Nakhodka, in the Year January 2009, "M-Bunker" utilizes its own bunkering terminal for commercial operations after the terminal was commissioned in 2009 with a Total Capacity of 54,000 m3.

Kozmino Port


OOO "M-Bunker", Storage Facilities in the port of Kozmino has a Total Capacity of 87000 m3.

Rotterdam Port


OOO "M-Bunker", Storage Facilities in the port of Rotterdam has a Total Capacity of 460,000 m³ (14 Tanks and Terminal Loading Name: "Euro Tank Terminal B.V.")